Why to Do Business with Us

Top 6 reasons to do business with secondhand4business | Why you should get in touchSecondHand 4 Business Ltd is your number one source for second hand clothes wholesale in the UK and let me explain why.

We have built a reputation for supplying used clothing stores with the best possible clothing, shoes and accessories to stock their shelves, attract customers and encourage repeat business.

There are a number of things that set us apart from other companies that specialize in used clothing wholesale in the UK, and it’s these differences that make us the leader in the industry and the company with which you should choose to do business and trust me, you will never regret!!!

Top 7 Reasons Why to Do Business with SecondHand4Business.com if you are into Second Hand Clothes Business:

1. We sell only locally sourced items of clothing. Our entire inventory of clothes comes from locations in England (including famous area of Essex, Surrey and Chelsea), Scotland and Ireland. Because we buy locally, our famous range reflects recent styles that are popular right here in the UK. Locally sourcing our secondhand clothing inventory also ensures that we obtain well-known brands that those living in the UK and Europe will instantly recognise and be anxious to buy at greatly reduced prices in used clothing stores.

2Wholesale prices. We price our inventory of wholesale used clothing fairly to give our second hand retailers the ability to enjoy high profit margins.

3. We use professional documentation services at all times when dealing with international customers. British fashion isn’t just popular here in the UK; our wholesale product range is highly sough in areas around the world that want to bring the looks of London and Dublin to their charity / low budget shops. When working with our international customers, we take great care in packaging and documenting the contents of our orders, so that they will arrive safely to their destinations and easily clear customs.

4. We are multilingual. Our team consists of English, Russian and Ukrainian speakers, making it easy for us to communicate with those looking for a trustful and honest supplier of used clothing and shoes in the UK and beyond.

5. We only obtain clothing from reputable sources. Our entire collection of used items is obtained ethically from legal collectors who represent registered charities. This ensures that we are only supporting reputable organisations when we purchase used clothing. In turn, you can feel good about using our services.

6. We make quality a priority. With every purchase, we strive to buy only the best second hand clothes to wholesale in the United Kingdom. This means that we carefully inspect every item before we buy it to ensure that it is good condition and free of staining, excessive wear and tear, snags, holes and other defects. We only buy and sell items that are in “good” or even “like new” condition to ensure the satisfaction of our retailers and their customers.

7. We individualise our customer service. No two used clothing stores are the same, and as a result, no two retailers have identical needs. In dealing with our clients, we handle each customer relationship individually. We’ll customise everything from the clothes and accessories that we carry to our shipment to our pricing plans to fit your needs, providing you with a source for second hand clothes wholesale in England that works for you. To learn more about our used clothing wholesale in Britain, contact us by using the form on our “Contact Us” page. Our team will always happy to help you and your business to prosper!