Why Is It Important to Recycle Used Clothing?

Information on why it is very important to recycle used clothingWhen we buy new clothing, we tend to get rid of the older items; the items that are no longer in fashion, or that no longer fit us, or those that might be stained or ripped.

The simplest solution for many is to just throw them away but is that really the best solution? No, it is not.  Instead of throwing away your used clothing, you should donate them to charity or take them to cash for clothes buyers and get paid or, if they are too torn, re-purpose them.

Why Throwing Old Garments Away IS a Bad Idea

When we throw things away, we tend to forget about them. However, all of our trash has to go somewhere and that somewhere is usually to the landfill. Landfills are not infinite and when they get full and there is no more room for trash, what do we do then? When you recycle, you keep things out of the landfills, which is better for the environment.

Many resources go into the manufacturing of clothing. When you throw away your outfits, it just sits in the landfills. As clothing breaks down, as anything will, it can contribute to pollution that seeps into our soil and our water. We all live on this planet, and we are all responsible for doing our part. Helping to keep trash out of the landfills by recycling is something that we can do and that includes recycling your used clothing.

When you recycle, it helps to reduce the need for the manufacturing of new good.  Manufacturing requires raw materials and the process usually contributes to pollution of both the air and in the soil. Manufacturing also requires huge energy resources. Recycling your second hand clothes means that less raw materials are needed, less energy is used and less pollution is generated.

The Benefits of Donating/Selling Used Clothing

Trustful used clothing distributor from London areaWhen you donate your clothes, multiple people benefit. For one, you benefit because it feels good to help people. Doing good deeds makes us feel good and when you donate your used clothing, you know that it is going to worthy cause. In addition, getting rid of clothes that you no longer use is a great way to declutter your life.

Look in your closet, if you have garments that you have not worn in a year or two those items are just taking up space. Help streamline your life by cleaning out your closet and everybody wins.

When you donate your old clothes, either the company will give the garments directly to people in need or they will sell the items in one of their store. The money that they get from selling your used outfits goes directly to their programs to help others. If you cannot afford to donate money to charities but you still want to make a difference, donate clothing and that charity will benefit. Please be careful to whom you wish to donate your items.

Make sure the charity is legit and registered. If you have spare time take your clothes directly to the charity shop instead of leaving them in a bag on your front door step.

Charities are often non-profit. That means that they need donations to keep going in order to help people. If you want to do your part to help out but do not have the funds, your used clothing is another way that you can help that charity out. Used clothing is than sold via charity shops or second-hand wholesalers at affordable prices, so that those who cannot afford new clothing can afford it.

For those struggling with money problems, finding affordable clothes and shoes is a challenge. Thrift stores run by charities sell donated items so that those who are in need can afford them. In addition to selling clothing, they also give donated clothes to those in need for free. Your donated items can give somebody clothing for a much needed job interview that gets them the job. It can mean new winter coats or school uniform for children.

Families and people who struggle just to keep a roof over their heads and buy food greatly benefit from donations of used clothing. Just because it is no longer something you wear does not mean that the clothes has no use. To underprivileged families and people, your donated clothing is just as good as new clothing.

By donating garments you can help give somebody  the confidence that comes with a new outfit, a mother the peace of mind of being able to clothe her children, and those that might otherwise have nothing, have some decent outfits. Your discarded items can change somebody’s life for the better.

The Benefits of Repurposing Second Hand Clothes

Old textile repurpose and re-useFor your outfits that are too shabby to be donated, you can repurpose it. How much money do you spend yearly on paper towels for around the house? What if instead of paper towels for cleaning up with, you used scraps of clothing instead? Not only will this save you money, but also it will save the planet because you will be putting less trash into the landfills.

Next time you have a ripped shirt or a pair of pants; think twice before throwing them away. Cutting them up in squares will give you rags to use around the house. Alternatively, if you have children, let them wear your old clothes for their art projects.  Always think about how something can be reused before you throw it away.

When it comes to your second hand clothes, there is no reason to not recycle your old items. Donation boxes can usually be found around town, thrift stores and non-profit organizations take donations at their locations and many will happily pick up your donation items from your location.

Donating second hand clothes helps the planet and other people; it is a win-win situation all around. By helping keep trash out of the landfill, you are helping the environment. By recycling your old items by donating them, you are helping other people. Knowing that your outfits will be able to help others makes you feel good about yourself. You get rid of unused garments and people who need clothing get clothing. Helping others is a good feeling and every time you donated used clothing, somebody in need benefits from it. Make donating clothing your random act of kindness of the day.

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