Glass Recycling

How does glass recycling process work? At the moment, about 50% of glass in the United Kingdom is recycled. Now, this may seem like a high number, but our country is still lagging behind other countries in Europe, some of which boast a 90% glass recycling rate. On this page, we are going to discuss a little bit about the process of recycling glass.

As you may well know, the glass recycling process begins with the collection of the glass. The vast majority of places out there nowadays will have a nearby bottle bank where the bottles can be deposited. Make sure that you separate out the glass between clear and coloured glass! The glass collection points will clearly indicate what needs to go where. In some cases, your local council may collect glass directly from your home when they come to pick up the rest of your waste.

What happens after the glass has been collected?

Once the glass has been transported to the depot, the glass recycling process can well and truly begin. It will start with the glass between sorted. Not all glass may be suitable for glass recycling. The glass will most likely be sorted manually. Don’t worry though, these guys are professionals. They can get through the sorting pretty quickly.

Once the glass that has been selected for recycling is ready, it will be crushed. It will then have all containments removed (metal, plastic paper etc.). In some cases, the glass may be mechanically sorted by colour if it has not been already. Some glass recycling plants will carry out this as a precaution, even if sorting has taken place. After all, they do not want to ruin a batch of the recycled glass!

Once the glass has been crushed up to very fine particles, new raw materials will be added to the mix. The main purpose of these materials will be to add a touch of colour to the glass. In some cases, the raw materials, like alumina, will also be used to increase the strength of the glass. Yes, unlike some other items out there, glass can be recycled over and over again. It may, however, lose is strength overtime. This part of the process will help to counter that.

Once everything has been mixed up, the glass is sent off to the furnace. Here, the glass will be melted down. Once that part of the process has been completed, the glass will be removed and it will be moulded into new bottles or jars. These new bottles and jars will be sent out to whoever needs them!

It really is a simple process. Remember, glass recycling has the ability to help save this planet. Every piece of glass which is recycled is another piece of glass not going into the landfills, which are filling up quite quickly. Every piece of glass recycled is another piece which does not need to be produced from raw materials which will, of course, greatly reduce the amount of pollution on this planet. Recycling glass is not all that difficult on your part. Why not recycle your glass today?

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