Cash for Clothes Collection

Your local School, Charity or even Sport Club can now earn £600 per tonne (60p per kilo) for your old and unwanted second hand clothes! Please note: The minimum weight should be at least 500kg.

Do you sell clothes for cash? We offer cash for clothes collection | cash 4 clothesWe are happy to work with Kerbside Textile Collectors, Schools, Nurseries, Businesses, Charities and Community Groups to help you raise from your cash for clothes  donations.

  • All our collections are provided free of charge
  • We are offering the top prices
  • All the money raised send directly back to the school / charity / club, or can be donated to any charity of your choice.
  • We will take items in any type or size of bag, so even if you only have a small quantity it still helps to add to your collection.
  • All schools and businesses are welcome regardless of size!
  • We operate throughout the UK, collecting and distributing your used clothing and shoes to importers and buyers in many countries of Africa and Asia, Western and Eastern Europe.
  • Please note: all second hand clothes must be clean, dry, wearable and shoes paired.

How Does the Cash for Clothes Collection Work?

We will arrange a pick up on the agreed time for our van to be at the school/club or charity head office to collect the bags; therefore, you won’t have any storage problems. Our driver will load the bags with second hand clothes directly into the van.

The cash for clothes collection is then weighed and we post you a cheque or arrange a bank transfer to any account.

It is up to you how and where to spend the money! Please remember that you can have your cheque made payable to any account, fund or charity you wish! currently pays the best market rate possible and adjust this each term. At the moment we are paying £600 per tonne (60p per kilo).

Experience shows that most schools run two or three collections per term and as parents get used to it we have found that they actually save the used clothing and the collections get bigger!

The More Clothes We Weigh the More Money We Pay.

What items of clothing we collect

We accept the following ‘good quality’ items for RE-USE. Please remember that the items should be in wearable condition: no stains, no marks, no ripped or damaged items please

  • Ladies, Men’s and Children’s good quality reusable clothing
  • Paired shoes (tied together or elastic band around please!)
  • Handbags
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Scarves and ties
  • Jewellery
  • Lingerie
  • Belts
  • Soft toys

We do not accept (sorry):

  • School uniforms
  • Duvets, bedding, blankets and household linen
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Rugs, Mats and Carpets
  • Curtains, Towels, Table Cloths
  • Bad quality, Soiled, Ripped, Stained or Wet clothing
  • Work wear uniforms
  • Bric-a-Brac
  • Glass, Metal, Wood
  • Electronic equipment
  • DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes


The more second hand clothes will be put in the cash for clothes collection the more funds your school/charity/club will get! And it’s up to you how to spend the money! Get in touch today via Contact Us page.