Moving Goods by Sea

Moving goods by sea: the cheapest transport option availableFor those who are not too fussed about the speed of shipping and are more concerned with how cheap the cost of shipping overseas is, sending second-hand garments from England via the ocean is without a doubt one of the best methods. On this page, we are going to take a little look at the idea of moving goods by sea.

Now, sending goods via sea is incredibly popular. As a result, there are a number of different ships available for this purpose. The exact method that you use will be dependent on the type of goods that you are shipping. Here are some of the options available for those who are looking into moving goods by sea:

  • Container ships: Containers measure either 20 foot or 40 foot. These containers are normally stacked on the ship, fairly neatly. Some of the largest container ships in the world can hold up to 9,000 containers at once. If goods need to be moved across smaller waters, a smaller ship will be used which contain fewer containers. This method is one of the cheapest and the most popular. One of the major benefits of sending goods via container is the fact that it is easy to transport. After all, the container can also be sent via rail or road without needing to unpack the container.
  • Roll-on and roll-off boats are for vehicles which are driven on and off. This method is used for haulage vehicles. It is not all that common.
  • General cargo ships: These containers will carry loose-packaged cargo. These ships are, obviously, not going to be ideal for those who are sending smaller items. They will be jumping all over the place!
  • Bulk containers: These tend to carry large volumes of a very specific type of good. They will be fitted out for that good only. Oil and gas is a common commodity to send via this method. Grain, fertilisers, ore, and coal are also sent via bulk containers. Most people will not need to worry about this method of shipping.

Generally speaking, unless you have a lot of goods to ship, it is likely that the ship that you use will operate along a fixed route and to an incredibly fixed schedule. This means you know when your goods are going to arrive. It is also a cheap method. It is obviously not ideal if you have missed the cut-off point for the shipping!

The alternate option is to charter the ship. You will be able to set the loading and discharge of the goods. However, this is obviously going to be an expensive method! You are effectively renting a whole ship after all. This method is not even used by some of the largest businesses out there!

Remember, if you are going to be moving goods by sea, you should always look into which option is going to be the best fit for the type of goods that you are shipping. Talk to the shipping company to find out more.

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